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The wines listed here are all produced in Tunisia. We have direct links with the producers in Tunisia, and have confidence in their production methods and standards.


Tunisia is a land of varied geography, and in the North, it has a lot in common with the great wine-producing areas of Southern France. It is also, unknown to many, a land with a historic tradition of winemaking. Tunisia’s soil and climate make it ideal for growing many varieties of grapes. Tunisia has a winemaking history dating back over 2,000 years. It was during the Carthaginian era that wine production probably began in a form that we would recognize in Tunisia.


When looking at Tunisian wine it is, therefore, incorrect to describe it as ‘New World’ – we are looking at ancient wines produced using methods the rest of the world has learned from the Carthaginians and Romans. The famous Carthaginian agronomist, Mason (2nd-3rd Century BC) published a treatise on agriculture with an emphasis on winemaking that served as the foundation for many Roman and later agricultural practices. The Romans deemed his work valuable enough to bring it to Rome after the appalling destruction of Carthage in 146 BC, and translate it into Latin. The Romans, Byzantines and Vandals continued to produce wine in Tunisia but the Arab leaders frowned on (but did not eliminate) wine production, after their conquest of Tunisia in the 8th Century AD. Large-scale wine production really returned to Tunisia with the coming of the French in the late 19thC.


They looked to profit from the climate and soil of Tunisia that is naturally suited to wine making. They established several large vineyards producing wine made to French systems. After full independence in 1956, wine production became led by Tunisian interests as it is today. There are various domains and vineyards currently existing within Tunisia, although at the moment little wine gets exported outside of the country. Demand in Tunisia is ample for the local producers, and overseas sales have not taken a high priority. This is a shame, as Tunisian wine is produced to international standards and can compete well with many wines from better-known countries. For those within the country, however, Tunisia provides a breadth of quality and tastes for a modest cost. As overseas interest increases, prices will moderate and volumes available increase. At present availability in the UK is very limited, and therefore seeing Tunisian wine on a list is unusual.


The Wines

Chateau Mornag is a relatively inexpensive excellent red wine; it is from the “Grand Cru” Morning appellation, located to the south of Tunis. The Chateau Mornag is a blend of three grapes, Carignan, Syrah and Merlot and the Merlot stands out. Be sure to let the Chateau Mornag breathe for a bit after opening. The smooth sensation while drinking and depth of flavor never fail to reward. It leaves a warm sensation after drinking and pairs well with veal and duck. If you’re looking for an inexpensive Merlot, you will not be disappointed with the Chateau Mornag. Mason is widely available in

Tunisia, and named after the inspiration for Tunisian wine. The standard Mason bottle will be found commonly throughout Tunisia. Its popularity does not mean that it is of limited quality; it is made up of a blend of Syrah and Merlot and aged in bottles for over a year. Magon Rouge pairs well with beef dishes, as an inexpensive standard wine, Magon does not disappoint. And usefully it is produced in Rosé and White to complement. For a full selection of our wines, see our Specialty Wines page.

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