Maisel's Weisse Alkoholfrei

4 Grams

Maisel’s Weisse is an alcohol-free, but full flavour wheat beer that’s only 25 calories per 100ml. After extensive tests we think this is one of the finest alcohol free beers anywhere - try it and see what we mean.

Please note: Final fermentation is in the bottle, so there is a slight cloudiness (if you pour too quickly!).



  • Mountain Water
  • Hops
  • Wheat & Barley Malt
  • Yeast


Is alcohol-free beer the new healthy drink?

Pricing is per 500ml bottle, in multiples of 4 please

  • Maisel’s Weisse ALKOHOLFREI is the perfect beverage for health-conscious individuals (or drivers) who want to enjoy a no-alcohol version of Maisel’s Weisse beers.

    Like all other Maisel’s Weisse varieties, it is made using only the purest natural ingredients, rich in vitamins, but has 33% fewer calories.

    Using a proprietary brewing process, our brewmasters carefully remove the alcohol without sacrificing any of the characteristic traits of Maisel’s Weisse. Just like the ORIGINAL, Maisel’s Weisse ALKOHOLFREI boasts a unique bright reddish-amber colour and has a complex full flavour taste. This not a bland continental lager-style beer!

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